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“Taste of the Masters” Beef Export Ribs

We chose to showcase this amazing preparation at the Taste of The Masters event. The idea was to impress everyone in the crowd including our partners, so we decided to make export ribs, Patagonian style. This recipe provides a great excuse to turn your backyard into a cozy summer party (or any time of year, depending on how willing you are to brave the cold for the sake of barbecue!).

Another traditional Patagonian (Chilean and Argentinian) method, called "asado al palo," involves roasting the meat by nailing the whole animal (especially lamb and pork) onto a wooden stick and exposing it to the heat of live coals. In Patagonia, you can find lamb meat on pizzas, in empanadas, and in perfectly spiced burgers. The classic preparation, however, involves a lamb being roasted over a wood fire with the carcass stretched across an iron cross.
 The meat for an asado is not marinated; the only preparation is the application of salt before or during the cooking period, and the way the animal is butchered varies by country. We hope you enjoy this mouthwatering, culture-infused take on the export rib!

  • Servings 20
  • Dish Main
  • Time 5-7 hours
  • Skill Advanced