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The science behind the Carrot Puff

This unique crisp has a deliciously light texture and can be used in several ways, giving chefs a great excuse to get creative in the kitchen! The key ingredient used to create the crisp is tapioca starch. Tapioca is extracted from the cassava plant's root and is native to Brazil's northern and central-west regions. Tapioca chips, also known as cassava chips, are just thinly sliced cassava roots fried in the same manner as potato chips. Interestingly, you can commonly find it in India and Sri Lanka.

The method used to create this crisp is very versatile, and it can make different flavors. You can substitute the carrot purée with a mushroom or lobster purée for some inventive, flavorful chips. The possibilities are endless!

  • Servings 40 Crisps
  • Dish Garnish
  • Time 12 hours
  • Skill Advanced