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This is a traditional consommé royale recipe, but Chef Philip Tessier wanted to put a fresh, modern take on the classic French dish by serving the consommé with the garnish suspended while presenting it in non-traditional glassware that would really show it off. Making a good consommé is a competition among chefs in France, with every chef coming in from a different country. In the end, everyone is still watching the French chef, waiting to see how the expert does it. This is our effort to reinvent and emphasize the beauty of this classic dish with new techniques, ingredients and presentation, while maintaining what makes it the timeless dish that it is.

Working with Martin from Crucial Detail, we went into quite the process with this dish, but it wasn't a just study of ingredients; it was a study of creative presentation and essentially, a study of a classic dish with a new, innovative interpretation.

  • Servings 16
  • Dish Appetizer
  • Time 48 hours
  • Skill Professional