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Everything Topping

Inspired by the timeless "everything" bagel, this "everything" topping is one of our favorite things to add to, well, everything. If you can manage to not eat it all by the handful out of the bowl (trust us, it's tempting), this topping is a great addition to anything from soups and salads to old-fashioned casseroles or as an element on an elevated plate.

The "everything" spice blend usually uses dehydrated onions, but we kicked things up a notch by adding fried onions instead. We also added sunflower seeds to the mix—a non-traditional addition that adds a deep nuttiness and crunch to this savory, flavorful topping. Give it a try—you'll be thanking us later!

  • Servings 690 grams
  • Dish Textures
  • Time 45 Minutes
  • Skill Beginner