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Fresh Mozzarella

This recipe produces a salty and tangy mozzarella cheese perfect for a sandwich, pizza, lasagna or as an accompaniment to a plate of garden tomatoes. Simply delicious!

  • Servings Yields: 1/2 lb cheese
  • Dish Side
  • Time 30 minutes
  • Skill Beginner


Mozzarella ingredients

1/2 pound mozzarella curds
2 cups buttermilk or cold water
1 1/2 cups water
2 tablespoons kosher salt
2 sprigs fresh basil
Olive oil, as needed (see step 7 for some of Rich's favorite olive oils!)


Large non-reactive bowl
2 wooden spoons
Medium saucepan
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Slice curds into thin slices. Place sliced curd into a large, non-reactive bowl and set aside.


Pour buttermilk into a separate container and keep near the bowl of curds.


In a medium saucepan, bring water to a boil. Add salt and bring back to a boil. Keep the water very hot but do not allow it to continue to boil and evaporate or it will become over-salted.


Pour the boiling water over sliced curds and let stand for 45 seconds. With 2 wooden spoons, push the curds together in the center of the bowl. Lift the cheese from underneath and hold above the bowl, allowing the cheese to stretch back down to the water. Repeat lifting the cheese and letting it stretch until it looks smooth.


Pull the cheese from the water and begin to form a log by folding under the edges. When you are folding under the edges, try to work out as many air pockets as possible to create a smooth surface. Roll the cheese in the cheesecloth and soak in the buttermilk and fresh basil.


Set aside until the cheese has cooled and you are ready to slice it.


This cheese is best made the day of serving and it is fantastic while still slightly warm inside. Serve it sliced and drizzled with your favorite olive oil.

Some of Rich Rosendale's favorite olive oils are:
- Extra Virgin Olive Oil Castello di Ama
- Olive Oil Nunez De Prado
- Manni Olive Oil
- Frescobaldi Laudemio Extra-Virgin Olive Oil