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Sous Vide Lime Watermelon

What’s summer without the refreshing taste of ripe, juicy watermelon? And what better way to enhance that summertime flavor with some refreshing infusions like lime and lime zest? With a few simple ingredients and a chamber vacuum sealer, you can create watermelon cubes that look like translucent jewels and that taste like summer incarnate.

  • Servings 4 pieces (5 x 7 in)
  • Dish Dessert
  • Time 15 minutes
  • Skill Advanced


Lime Watermelon ingredients

2 seedless watermelons
70 grams lime juice (about 6 limes)
18 grams lime zest (about 6 limes)


Lime Watermelon


Using a chef's knife, cut the top and the bottom of the watermelon. Stand the melon on a sturdy cutting board and carefully peel the sides of the melon. Make sure the melon is stable so it does not move in the process of peeling. Cut the melon into two 5-by-7-inch pieces.


Add the lime juice and zest to each of the bags with the pieces of the watermelon inside. Remove the boards from inside of the vacuum chamber (if it has any) and place one bag at a time inside of the vacuum chamber. Start the compression process until it is complete.


Place one piece of the melon inside of a vacuum bag and the other piece inside another vacuum bag. Prepare the vacuum chamber to compress them.
Remove from machine and reserve for up to 24 hours.


To plate, cut into desired shapes and serve.