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This unique nut butter lends a dense, concentrated taste of pistachio, subtly highlighted by Amaretto and fleur de sel. We have often found pistachio butter to be bland and not very pleasant to eat, especially if the pistachios used are low quality or not stored properly. Pistachio butter isn't usually our go-to nut butter of choice, as we've found it is hard to enjoy as a spread (or by the spoonful). We set out to change that in this recipe.

We specially developed this recipe to celebrate the pistachio in a smooth, creamy spread that can be enjoyed by the spoonful like peanut butter (albeit, an expensive one). Delicious enough to stand on its own and versatile enough to work as a component of myriad dishes (we're thinking all kinds of desserts), this nut butter can stand up to its peanut butter counterparts any day.

  • Servings 500 grams
  • Dish Sauces
  • Time 30 minuets
  • Skill Professional