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Soft White Chocolate

Chef Carlos Villanueva gave a twist to our traditional signature dark soft chocolate dish and created a new and stunning recipe using white chocolate.

Similar to a white chocolate ganache but a bit sweeter and softer with a creamier, smoother mouthfeel, this soft white chocolate is an extremely versatile ingredient for any show-stopping dessert. Make sure to use the highest-quality white chocolate you can find, as a chocolate dessert is only as good as the chocolate you use (and yes, this includes white chocolate!).

This recipe makes great use of the HotMixPro Gastro, an incredibly versatile tool perfect for high-speed shearing, stirring, emulsifying, poaching, frying, puréeing, steaming and precision-heating. It makes a perfectly emulsified white chocolate that's ready to be used as a canvas, garnish, or featured ingredient in any number of desserts.

  • Servings 8
  • Dish Dessert
  • Time 10 hours
  • Skill Advanced