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USA Bocuse d’Or Chicken

With Chef Rosendale around, we never run short on awe-inspiring creativity in the kitchen. This chicken recipe is the same ingenious dish that won him the gold at the elite USA Bocuse d'Or culinary competition in 2012. An outer layer of chicken breast cradles a savory stuffing "farce"—a delicate mousse of chicken, shiitakes, cornbread, and ham. It features an intricate striped inlay truffle mousse and chicken mousse in savory, umami harmony. Molded into an empty Mr. Potato Head (you read that right) that Rich borrowed initially from his son, this technique gives the chicken composition the outward appearance of an actual roasted chicken. That is, until you slice it apart, revealing stunning striped layers. Cooked sous vide and then deep-fried until crisp, this chicken is something else. What will Chef Rosendale think of next? (We have a few ideas!)

It is a more involved recipe, but don't be shy—the results will pay off, and then some. We cordially invite you on this culinary adventure!

  • Servings 20
  • Dish Competition
  • Time 5 hours
  • Skill Professional