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At RC Culinary Lab, we strive to stay updated with the latest techniques and the most cutting-edge high-tech equipment. One of our favorite pieces of high-tech equipment is the Irinox MultiFresh.

The Irinox MultiFresh combines the capabilities and benefits of low temp cooking and blasts chilling in one programmable unit that doesn't require a hood system. One of the ways we use the Irinox MultiFresh is to perfectly slow roast and blast refrigerate our turkey breasts overnight without any staff in the building.

It is now possible to slow cook, blast chill, and hold cold overnight while saving labor, yielding superior results, enhancing food safety, and increasing shelf life. It wasn't too long ago for cooks who would have considered this type of precision overnight hands-free production possible. Gone are the days of chefs needing to work late or come in early to perfectly roast items and have them ready in time for service.

Irinox's advanced technology makes it possible to consistently produce products of the highest quality without requiring a chef to be present to monitor the process.
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