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At the beginning of 2020, before the COVID-19 pandemic reached the U.S., Rosendale Collective presented at Steelite Trends Connect, an event designed to inspire industry professionals with informative, interactive sessions discussing the most cutting-edge trends in the food and beverage industry. Ever the trendsetter, Chef Rosendale led a compelling presentation about the future of the industry that, despite the dramatic changes the hospitality industry has faced due to the pandemic, rings truer than ever now. Remaining poised for the future, no matter the present circumstances, is key to innovation, especially when faced with uncertainty. We hope this presentation stirs inspiration in a world where there's no better time than now to affect positive change for the future.

Steelite Trends Connect is a two-day conference where food and beverage industry professionals can connect and network in an innovative, inspiring, and intimate setting. Attendees can enjoy quality time exchanging ideas with other professionals in one-on-one discussions; gather invaluable takeaway information from an impressive array of speakers; and partake in world-class, exclusive dining experiences.